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Denial Pt1

Love Revolution

Denial Pt2

Winter Love


Bringing Down Hush

Mighty Whisper

Century Fallout

Thinking Saturday

Heaven Have Me Now


Spiritual (reprixe)

Yesterday Tomorrow

Iceman Chill


Too Far Gone

How Do I know?

Is This the Worst Year for Pop Music?

Dark Journey

Sunday Morning

How Do I (remix)

Seven Kinds of Trouble

5 Am

Anon Song


Lady Divine

This is love

Love My Wife


Sun in our eyes

Bad Name

Coming Home


Light Show

Tanks and Guns

My Release

What Do You Say

Invisible Boxer


Resolution Day

Long Shot

Love Revolution. Recorded Tuba Studios. North London.

Album No. 1. Got great reviews, plays on radios and the song “Heaven” got licenced by 29th Century Fox for a Hollywood film.  


“Something very special” Eastern Daily Press. 5 stars

“A fine album “ Tom Robinson BBC DJ

EX: the album

Recorded in London on our very own a 8 track analogue recorder. Originally released as a white pressing only, the band  remixed and mastered the songs, got a designer for the cover and added new tracks to this original mini album.

Sun in our Eyes

Part of a double album series. Recorded in our own studio. Some tracks mixed in Poland, some in Brighton, UK.


“The splendid All Mighty Whispers...”Sun in our Eyes”. Tom Robinson BBC DJ

Tanks and Guns

4th album. Part of a double album series. Recorded 2012. Recorded at Leeders Farm (Darkness Studio) in Norfolk (UK) and our own studio.


Podcast compilation CD

Track 13: Mighty Whisper

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Roadtrip Nation

TV series compilation CD

Track 2: Sun in our Eyes

Shifted Sounds

Podcast compilation CD

Track 14: Mighty Whisper

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