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Featured in the Nexus Cafe podcast

Featured in The First Rock Show Podacst

Featured in the Podcast The Hobson and Holtz Report #687

Album Review of “Tanks & Guns” on Electric Harmony

Featured on Michael Angel Show

featured in  idiosyncratic transmission

Featured on motobike podcast The Pace

On Roadtrip DVD “Sun in our Eyes”. Episode 8

Start of new album. (No5) 8 songs laid down. Acoustic and vox.

Playlisted on Newcastle University Radio

BBC Radio Norfolk Live interview to talk about the new albums

October Future Radio Norwich premier FM radio are playing  songs from the 4th album

The Rock Club UK have mentioned the band here

We are included in one of the great podcast from the USA. Check out the line up  here

The band is to release 2 albums at the same time around October 2012. See the Audio page for more details.

Album titles are: “Sun in our Eyes” and “Tanks and Guns”

4th Album is finished. 3 songs posted on “Soundcloud”

Tracks being mastered

Mixing songs in Brighton over the  week-end.

Recording backing tracks at Leeders Farm studio. Studio belongs to “The Darkness”. Full of nice vintage gear.

5AM, played on BBC Introducing.

Blue Marble Radio have included “Love Revolution” in their podcast Show 31 . Link here

Tom Robinson  will be playing “Sun in our Eyes”  on his BBC show. Update Tom Robinson has played this song again.

Song “Sun in our eyes” included in Podquiz 324. Please visit the site

All Mighty Whispers will be appearing and playing songs from the 4th album at the club SHUNT.

Also appearing on the bill is Wild Palms who will be playing songs from their debut album on One Little Indian..

The song “Sun in our Eyes” is featured in the TV series Roadtrip Nation season 7 airing in the USA. The song is also featured on the audio Cd. Link here

Saturday Sun featured in the Cadence Revolution podcast. Link here

Mixing 3rd album  in Poland

The song “Recto Verso” by french boy Elric and produced by Alick was aired on BBC  Radio Introducing.

“Love Revolution” Podcasted on BlueJeanGuy. Link here

We are gearing up for the recording of another album (4th) in February 2012 at Leeders Farm Studio.

Gone fishing for blue skies Podcast will be playing Sun in our Eyes (unreleased)  New Year Podcast.

Podcast Hall of Fame: Some of the podcasts that have played us

* The Best Radio you have Never Heard

* Fresh ubuntu

* The Word Nerds Episode 80

* Gone Fishing for blue skies

* Rightish Brain

* TPN Rock

* Shifted Sounds Show 7

* Guineapigisland Show 4

* A Plaque of Angels

* A CPMU Blog

* Sleeperberth Cast Episode 64 & 63

* Eclectic Mix Episode 39

* Bald Guy Show Episode 18

* Nodcast Episode 69

* Eat,Sleep,Rock Episode 107

* Fivegallon Episode 7

* Procrasticast Show 2

* Zero Gravity Radio Show 37

* Robcast Episode 28 (3songs)

* 50Quid Bloke

* The Soundtrip Podcast

* UK Unsigned Show 14